Love YOU Baba ❤️

I see YOU in the sunshine

I see YOU in the rain

YOU’re with me in my laughter

And with me in my pain

I’m a part of YOU for ever

Free, yet tied to YOU in chain!

I see YOU in my morning

I see YOU when the day’s done

YOU’re there when the wind blows

And even when there’s none

I’m mesmerised by YOUR smile

Of my life YOU’re the shining sun!

YOU hold my hand tightly

Yet urge me to tread

YOU lead the path always

Like YOU had kindly said

YOU find a way to reach me

Whenever I get misled!

I find peace at YOUR feet

And solace in YOUR presence

I look at YOU for everything

Want to soak in YOUR essence

Baba, YOUR being there with me –

Makes even this look like heaven!

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