Let it stay…!

The things I see, they baffle me, They pierce my heart like a dagger They hit me with a ferocious speed  I can't stand strong, I stagger! They make me feel so lonely Amidst all that's tangible around I squirm and pull myself in Encircled by thoughts newfound! Trying to find a stable ground Beneath... Continue Reading →

True love…!

True love is tranquil It doesn't make much noise True love is peaceful It doesn't need a strong voice True love doesn't give shivers It gives eternal peace True love is like a puzzle  In which in place is every piece True love isn't demanding It accepts and forgoes True love isn't revengeful  It rejoices... Continue Reading →

I will fight it again…!

Once again, the same old painI really can't bear it anymoreIt makes me wince terriblyHow much more is in store!Each time it hits even harderI feel everything is uselessEvery time I think I am over itYet it comes back to oppress!I remember when it first hit meI thought I wouldn't surviveBut I was stronger than... Continue Reading →

Ok, or no…?!

Is it important to know The answers to it all? Is it important to be sure To prepare of what might befall? Is it not ok to not know? Tread, not knowing the whereabout Is it not ok to not see it all? Just flow, without keeping doubts Is it not ok to say "I... Continue Reading →

My own voice…!

I tried not to hearBut the voice was loudI tried to shut it outBut could still hear what it was all aboutIt was all about me -Why I don't have what I wantWhy I don't deserveWhy pains are there to haunt It laughed at me and made me cryDidn't bother to stop, even when it... Continue Reading →

Never say never…!

Never say never For it is not an end till you believe There might always be another chance For you to achieve Never say never  As there is light at the end of that bend There is always a silver lining A hope, a helping hand Never say never For you never know what you'll... Continue Reading →


You call my name, but it seems so farWhy and when did we grow apartSilly words or just a little rageYou didn’t stop me, I also didn’t waitEgo, anger or just a needed gapWhatever it was, now seems a long lapI want to cross the bridge and run back to youI do miss you, and... Continue Reading →

Dreams of you…!

I do not like these mornings, When I wake up dreaming about you It leaves me with an emptiness, And I don't know what to do... Instantaneously I want to reach out And ask if you're doing fine Sanity then comes knocking, It isn't in my line...  The warmth of the visions, Lingers on and... Continue Reading →

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