So tired of untying the endless knots Instead YOU should’ve said - “rather not” To things which I probably didn't deserve If they were for - someone else reserved To have and still not is a bigger misery I would rather, not have and remain free This tryst of destiny is very strange Not... Continue Reading →

In You My Peace…!

Come, hold my hand and lead me there You and I can live all our dreams where Singing our love song without one bother We stay entwined in our love forever  Flying high, soaring in the sky With no one to ask on anything - why Where we can live, absolutely carefree Holding hands we’ll... Continue Reading →

Fake Friends…

  I am not the one to do chit-chat, I like to do soulful talks A stride or two is not for me, I’m a companion for those long walks  Friends for now and then forgotten, is not my cup of tea A friend for me is a life-long thing, in times of need I... Continue Reading →

Still Close to Thee…!

In your eyes I saw the spark In my heart you made a mark Flutters of love in my heart you made Your scent in me will never fade Your voice so soothing made me yearn Your love so enchanting I wanted to earn In your embrace I found my peace In my jigsaw you... Continue Reading →

Do Good Anyways…

They say - when nothing goes right, go left But what to do when even there you feel bereft They say - do good and good will come back to you But what to do when nothing as such holds true They say - God is there to see and set right But what to... Continue Reading →


  And there I saw it again! The letter written by you to me Though already read a thousand times, each word was as if new to see   Your perfect handwriting, your sensible choice of words Your incomparable wisdom which I was drawn towards   It took me back in time and I found... Continue Reading →

You and Me

There is no second to what you do, and how you care for me There is no second to who you are - so thoughtful and trustworthy There is no greater joy for me than to be along with you There is no bigger happiness, than to do things along with you   There is... Continue Reading →

My wish upon the stars…

  I make a wish upon the stars keeping you in mind I pray earnestly to God, that every happiness you find I wish good health for you, today and every day May smiles fill your life, bliss reaches you like HIS ray   In all that you do, may you always be the best... Continue Reading →

Cheers to Friendship!

If you have a friend who truly cares - then life becomes a bliss Someone who watches over you - is there for you without a miss Someone with whom you can talk - without any filters Say how you feel, be who you are - without any twisters If you have this friend with... Continue Reading →

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