Dreams of you…!

I do not like these mornings, When I wake up dreaming about you It leaves me with an emptiness, And I don't know what to do... Instantaneously I want to reach out And ask if you're doing fine Sanity then comes knocking, It isn't in my line...  The warmth of the visions, Lingers on and... Continue Reading →


Relations - what are they supposed to be To tie one down, or set us free To be a steppingstone, or block our way  To let us shine or cast a cloud grey! Relations - how should they be A fresh breeze caressing The first drops of rain Warmth of winter sun A key to... Continue Reading →


Pain comes in many formsNone knows what's it for the otherIs yours a bigger pain than mine?Why to ponder on this further? That which hurts me so muchMight not be a big thing for youSo, do not look down upon meBecause you can't comprehend why my tears flew That - which pains you so deepI... Continue Reading →

My timid heart…!

It's not that I don't want to say What's in mind or what's my art But I always end up listening to you As mine you know - is a timid heart  It's not that I don't want to show What talents I have, what I'm good at The spotlight on me is too much... Continue Reading →

My own sweet world…!

The fearlessness that I always wantThe craziness that I dareThe bravest things that I want to sayThe deeds - that'll leave my soul bareThe naughtiness I don't think I haveThe childishness I don't showThe hearty laughs beneath those sighsThe giggles that don't come out anymoreThe running wild, the freest danceThe skipping, jumping galoreThe harmless fun,... Continue Reading →

Hope – a tiny whisper..!

Today, when I felt hopeless, tired and all low Battered by life's challenges, tests and tiring blows Wanted to give up, just accept my defeat Wanted to lie low, stop and silently retreat As I thought to do that, a tiny whisper I heard Wait, there's HOPE, why not try, why give up!  Each step... Continue Reading →

Road alone…!

We are all lonely on this road - all alone Just walking the path that gets shown Treading carefully taking a step by step Nothing helps, how much ever one preps So just keep walking, but remember to pause When the going gets tough and you want to withdraw Take a moment to sit and... Continue Reading →

No matter how far…!

No matter how it seems with dark clouds aboveThrough the dull skies you’ll see a ray of loveWherever you may be no matter how distantMy love will reach to you like a rainbow vibrant Through the dark clouds, the silver lining that you seeThrough the frosty mornings, the little sun that you seeThrough the night... Continue Reading →

Fight the pain…!

Your pain can make you tough or it can make you tremble Your tears can get you going or hold you in deep shambles Your agony can fire you or make you weep like a baby Your past can keep you chained with in your thought a "maybe" Don't let your fears rule you Find... Continue Reading →

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