Hope – a tiny whisper..!

Today, when I felt hopeless, tired and all low Battered by life's challenges, tests and tiring blows Wanted to give up, just accept my defeat Wanted to lie low, stop and silently retreat As I thought to do that, a tiny whisper I heard Wait, there's HOPE, why not try, why give up!  Each step... Continue Reading →

Road alone…!

We are all lonely on this road - all alone Just walking the path that gets shown Treading carefully taking a step by step Nothing helps, how much ever one preps So just keep walking, but remember to pause When the going gets tough and you want to withdraw Take a moment to sit and... Continue Reading →

No matter how far…!

No matter how it seems with dark clouds aboveThrough the dull skies you’ll see a ray of loveWherever you may be no matter how distantMy love will reach to you like a rainbow vibrant Through the dark clouds, the silver lining that you seeThrough the frosty mornings, the little sun that you seeThrough the night... Continue Reading →

Fight the pain…!

Your pain can make you tough or it can make you tremble Your tears can get you going or hold you in deep shambles Your agony can fire you or make you weep like a baby Your past can keep you chained with in your thought a "maybe" Don't let your fears rule you Find... Continue Reading →

Who is there…!

Who is there to stay? To stand by you in fray To not leave your side Even if your word doesn't sound right To fight or argue how much ever But in your absence will defame you never To be there when you wanna talk Beside you, when you wanna walk Who is there to... Continue Reading →

I forgive…!

I forgive the one who broke my trustConstantly told blatant liesHad no love but only lust -for money, power, and everything wrong I forgive the one who misled meWith fake smiles and polished wordsShaded the reality from me to seeHid the truth and his self uncouth I forgive the one whom I called a friendBut... Continue Reading →


The place is the same, Yet years are different Characters are same, Yet roles are different Lessons are same, Yet timing is different The theme is the same, Yet story is different Emotions are the same Yet love is different Starting was the same  But I hope - the ending is different...!

You keep coming back to me…!

No matter how many years have passed Or how many more will come Silently without any reason to be Your thought comes back to me… No matter how many faces since Or how many more I’ll see Thoughtlessly without any plea Your face comes back to me… No matter how many conversations since Wonder how... Continue Reading →


Waiting for the sunrise For the light to shine bright Waiting for that dawn Which’ll be an end to this night Longing for a crack To let the brightness creep in Longing for that energy Which’ll help me win Dreaming of that peace That marvellous destination Dreaming of that freedom Which will lead to a... Continue Reading →

The joy in my steps and the lift in my spirits The smile that doesn’t fade, My song has new lyrics The cold air too warms me and seems to offer a cuddle Is it in the air for all? Or a special treat for me to see! Looking beyond the darkness I rise to... Continue Reading →

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