Strength to move ahead…!

There are days when life seems a bouncer and you don’t know whether to duck or play There are days when life seems a monster and you feel totally aghast and in dismay There are days when life seems a burden and you don’t know how to breathe anymore There are days when life seems... Continue Reading →

Sometimes lonely is good…!

  Strange is the world, stranger mankind Honest & true, are so tough to find Words & actions hardly match For simpletons, it is a rough catch In trying to decipher, you can lose your mind From taking on face value, I have long resigned No one around, whom I can lay trust on  In... Continue Reading →

What to do…?

Hurdle at my every step, hindrance at every thought I brew With challenges at every knock, I really don’t know what to do! Conversations leading nowhere, people turning glances away With so much negativity around, how to clearly see my way! Roadblocks on which I stumble, when a simple step I try to take With... Continue Reading →

Hide & Seek Love…

There is no cheer in my life when you don’t talk to me There is no joy in my stride when you don’t walk with me There is no symphony in the songs when you don’t dance with me There is no magic in the charm when you don’t bewilder me There is no solace... Continue Reading →

Dreams & Faith…

Close to our hearts are few dreams which we hardly with anyone share We live them day and night even if no one about them cares With each breath and each heartbeat such dreams become a part of us With passion and vigour we want to achieve them thus What happens then when you get... Continue Reading →

Technology or Menance….?!

    A healthy mean of communication Has been made into a mode of entertainment Many have made it their passion Please, do not make it your obsession! What’s the fun in communication When replying becomes an obligation Day commences with it and ends with it Where is the time to introspect and comfortably sit?... Continue Reading →

Enough is enough!!!

  I want to shout, I want to tell I have to smile, instead I want to yell Why do you look, why do you peer Why do always towards me stare You approach me even when I clearly say NO You make me uncomfortable - do you know? Your hello(s) and offers of help... Continue Reading →

I am the Queen…

I have the power, I have the reign This position I hold is one of gain Where I look, is respect to say Riches and jewels night and day Aaaaah I am the queen! They do what I say without a doubt To get things, I don't even shout Luxury, and power abound What I... Continue Reading →

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