Cheers to Friendship!

If you have a friend who truly cares - then life becomes a bliss Someone who watches over you - is there for you without a miss Someone with whom you can talk - without any filters Say how you feel, be who you are - without any twisters If you have this friend with... Continue Reading →


I wonder sometimes how people bahave To get this understanding my mind craves Good you do and instead they cheat Use you to limits and badly they treat Do they think you can’t understand Can’t see through the strategies that they’ve planned Consider you to be fools and themselves smart  Oh please! We can read... Continue Reading →

Keep Going with Faith!

Have faith my dear these times will pass This test will further us enhance Have faith my dear HE will not forsake us Just keep the trust among this ongoing fuss This tide is high and we might drown  If we don't keep this faith and our strength abound Testing times are these and in every... Continue Reading →

Only Love is Real…

    Only love is real, it is what makes our heart beats It is what fuels us, never put it on backseat Love deserves its special place in everybody’s life For it sets heart on fire, yes, it makes us feel alive Let it flow through you, let it warm your heart Just give... Continue Reading →

Enough Love…

I want to silence your thoughts in my mind My relation with you is one of its kind I want to hate and yet there is love Your thoughts I just can’t seem to shove There is so much pain with you around Yet my heart elates when you’re found Towards you my steps get... Continue Reading →

Testing Times…

Feeling so helpless and low Controlling, but tears constantly show Breathing is tough and heart is paining Looking for sunshine amidst this raining Nowhere to look for the heartwarming solace How to calm down, how to slow down the pace Mind is boggled, and heart is pounding With various thoughts my vision is shrouding Each... Continue Reading →

When Silence speaks…

  As I sit here watching the world move, I feel a strange peace In my loneliness I find the missing, lost piece As I sip through this cuppa inhaling the aroma gradually I take in the knowledge flowing to me through divinity "Love is the essence of life so feel it in all its... Continue Reading →

Hide & Seek Love…

There is no cheer in my life when you don’t talk to me There is no joy in my stride when you don’t walk with me There is no symphony in the songs when you don’t dance with me There is no magic in the charm when you don’t bewilder me There is no solace... Continue Reading →

I Live, ‘coz I have to…!

This heart ache I can’t explain No logic for these eyes to rain No sense behind this illogical brain Still thinks of you - truly insane!   With each passing moment I see My life passing by without any glee As if, I am already done In nothing now there is any fun!   Whatever... Continue Reading →

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