My timid heart…!

It's not that I don't want to say What's in mind or what's my art But I always end up listening to you As mine you know - is a timid heart  It's not that I don't want to show What talents I have, what I'm good at The spotlight on me is too much... Continue Reading →

Probably, silence…!

Last night when I dreamt of you As usual I wanted to tell you all In my heightened exuberance Of our silence I had no recall It hit me like a wave -  Ceased me, & totally knocked me out Was I never meaningful to you! Slithering in came all the recurring doubts How things... Continue Reading →

My own sweet world…!

The fearlessness that I always wantThe craziness that I dareThe bravest things that I want to sayThe deeds - that'll leave my soul bareThe naughtiness I don't think I haveThe childishness I don't showThe hearty laughs beneath those sighsThe giggles that don't come out anymoreThe running wild, the freest danceThe skipping, jumping galoreThe harmless fun,... Continue Reading →

Extranged Friends…!

I wonder when I think of you What made you do what you did I self-doubt and always brood Was I wrong or were we always a misfit Sometimes I think I took you too seriously When all you wanted was frivolous laugh Didn't want you just for fun sadly I had in mind a... Continue Reading →

Always, YOU…!

This year, that year, every yearWith You always, absolutely nearHolding Your hand as I walk onChanting Your name, humming Your song No one can understand what You do for meYour loving grace, hope everyone can seeMake me worthy of being Your toolTo spread Your grace, Your loving rules Teach me Sai to live by YouTo... Continue Reading →

You Are On Your Own…!

You might feel you have someone To give you company on this run To hold your hand when you're low To let you grieve when you face the blow You might feel you have a friend  Who'll be with you till the very end To walk with you when you need a hand To face... Continue Reading →

My Journey…!

YOU said, love will win love Then why did I get shoved YOU said, care will get care Then why didn't I get my share  YOU said, loyalty will get returned Why then was I shunned YOU said, pure heart can win anyone Why then was I left stunned YOU said honesty won't be treated... Continue Reading →

Hope – a tiny whisper..!

Today, when I felt hopeless, tired and all low Battered by life's challenges, tests and tiring blows Wanted to give up, just accept my defeat Wanted to lie low, stop and silently retreat As I thought to do that, a tiny whisper I heard Wait, there's HOPE, why not try, why give up!  Each step... Continue Reading →

These walls…!

These walls that I've built, aren't what I wished for Within which I am hiding, with my wounds sore  Will these walls protect me from any further hurt? I hope the next pain comes only after an alert! Thought you were someone with whom I'll share Thought you were someone who truly cares But you... Continue Reading →

Road alone…!

We are all lonely on this road - all alone Just walking the path that gets shown Treading carefully taking a step by step Nothing helps, how much ever one preps So just keep walking, but remember to pause When the going gets tough and you want to withdraw Take a moment to sit and... Continue Reading →

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