Orphan, this one! :(

All alone on this path as I tread Can’t remember when last I was fed No care, no love, no one who said “Come here my child, let me put you to bed” Fending for myself, alone on the streets No fuss, no tantrum, no one dancing on my beats No pampering, no gifts, no... Continue Reading →

For us, this is not the end…!

Even now, after many years This heart doesn’t seem to bear The loss which it undertook Even after the years flown as brook You came, and left - all so swiftly I shouldn’t have behaved timidly But no one told me that it will pass If I don’t show courage to cross my grass You... Continue Reading →

Forgotten not…!

  Come here and listen dear child It’s easy to get spoilt and wild Temptations will lure and vices will call You’ll need to face them strong & tall There’s enough out there to beckon you Enchanting things which you’ll find all new At first all these will shine & gleam Getting them will become... Continue Reading →


  So tired of untying the endless knots Instead YOU should’ve said - “rather not” To things which I probably didn't deserve If they were for - someone else reserved To have and still not is a bigger misery I would rather, not have and remain free This tryst of destiny is very strange Not... Continue Reading →

No More Trying…!

You always just told me what I am not Never appreciated what I’ve got I kept on trying to prove my worth Precious years of life now seem wasted as dirt Compromising what was important to me I tried to be what you wanted me to be Knowing  otherwise, but still agreeing with you Just... Continue Reading →

YOU, My Sai…!

Throughout the night, and throughout the day I can talk to YOU, if I have my say Where-ever I go, whichever way YOUR face I want to see, if I may Each breath that I take, consciously or not so much Want to think of YOU, if I’m allowed as such With every heartbeat reverberating... Continue Reading →

Distanced Love…

We don’t have to live together, To continue to love each other... Far away but connected, Yes, without you I fretted But the warmth of your love stayed  Your feelings in me never got slayed I got anxious when you left Life felt totally bereft But even when far you explained Meaning of true love... Continue Reading →


My life is still, I don’t feel a thing With you gone, for me there’s nothing Heart’s so numb, no song to sing This sudden blow, snatched away everything Life’s unfair and I feel robbed Uncontrollably, I have sobbed  All my dreams now feel shattered Heart is ripped and totally battered There’s no hope that... Continue Reading →

Let me drown in YOUR sea…!

  Why do YOU this to me? Why do YOU make me cry? One look at YOUR pious face And my heart starts to pry The meaning of living this life Away from YOUR divine feet Why don’t YOU let me merge in YOU Why don’t you facilitate our meet? Please let me learn my... Continue Reading →

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