Sometimes lonely is good…!

  Strange is the world, stranger mankind Honest & true, are so tough to find Words & actions hardly match For simpletons, it is a rough catch In trying to decipher, you can lose your mind From taking on face value, I have long resigned No one around, whom I can lay trust on  In... Continue Reading →

Caged by your memories…

Today I saw something which reminded me of you Floating came your memories, as fresh as moments new Heart winced in pain as I tried to smile along Soul yearned for you, mindlessly singing your song Looking around for you, knowing you’re not there What bigger evidence of my misery than this can be there... Continue Reading →

My dialogue with HIM

"Why is it that in every relation only I have to give more Why is it that I have to struggle, a lot before reaching any shore Why is it that with young or old, only I have to show maturity Why is it that I have to look so hard, to find the same... Continue Reading →


  And there I saw it again! The letter written by you to me Though already read a thousand times, each word was as if new to see   Your perfect handwriting, your sensible choice of words Your incomparable wisdom which I was drawn towards   It took me back in time and I found... Continue Reading →

What to do…?

Hurdle at my every step, hindrance at every thought I brew With challenges at every knock, I really don’t know what to do! Conversations leading nowhere, people turning glances away With so much negativity around, how to clearly see my way! Roadblocks on which I stumble, when a simple step I try to take With... Continue Reading →

Frantic Routine

Just running and working like a non-stop machine, Without much thought I am following the routine, Chaos and time pressure rule my every morning, No time to sit and enjoy a cuppa under the awning! I don't drive my day, it's the day which drives me, Running by the clock, is what has become of... Continue Reading →

Tears to rain…

Where do these tears come from as I sit doing nothing Why when I try to relax, mind starts to think the same thing What is this sadness which creeps in? What is this pain hidden so deep within? Nothing to single out which is there amiss Yet there is something more which this heart... Continue Reading →

You and Me

There is no second to what you do, and how you care for me There is no second to who you are - so thoughtful and trustworthy There is no greater joy for me than to be along with you There is no bigger happiness, than to do things along with you   There is... Continue Reading →

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