My own voice…!

I tried not to hear
But the voice was loud
I tried to shut it out
But could still hear what it was all about
It was all about me –
Why I don’t have what I want
Why I don’t deserve
Why pains are there to haunt

It laughed at me and made me cry
Didn’t bother to stop, even when it saw me sigh
It was cruel and sharp like a knife
It gave me wounds that’ll last a life

I couldn’t handle but it carried on
I wanted to run but as if frozen –
My feet stayed glued at the spot
As if the ridicule I had chosen!

With no one around me I had to accept
The voice was no one else but my own thoughts
All the torment of previous years
Found words blaming me for my rot

Wish I been more considerate of my heart
And would’ve thought of protecting myself
Had I not given in to their cunning art
And not ran the race to prove myself

Yes, it was correct, and I was wrong
What did I achieve by this demeanour!
The lost years, the wasted joys
Mind full of all possible fears

I pleaded and begged my heart
Be kind to me as it has been to thee
It pleaded me in return
“Break the confining norms
Try to listen to me and to be free”!

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