Want to soar high…!

Ripped heart, tear-stained face I am tired, want to slow down my pace Exhausted soul, achy limbs Want to rest, had many turbulent swims Been swarmed with pains, now no more Peacefully I want to reach the shore Achieved enough, and yet this void Those feelings of which I feel devoid Still entice me from... Continue Reading →

No More Trying…!

You always just told me what I am not Never appreciated what I’ve got I kept on trying to prove my worth Precious years of life now seem wasted as dirt Compromising what was important to me I tried to be what you wanted me to be Knowing  otherwise, but still agreeing with you Just... Continue Reading →

Me, Without you…!

I wonder when I think of you - what made you change so much From when you used to live me through - how come now attitude such From when we talked night and day - without any bother To now when there is no word from you - no hello or any other From... Continue Reading →

Oh, please tell me!

Who am I to you please tell me If no one, then let me be free My fragile state, can’t you see? Tears in heart, on face -  a false glee Shown down, broken apart Shred into pieces, my timid heart Now no more, I have no strength To continue like this, another length So,... Continue Reading →

There’s God Only…!

  Tired of playing my part Life seems to be falling apart No fun in my stride  No joy in my smile I don’t know how to learn this art Never felt so lonely and aghast It feels so tough to carry on  This pain in my heart for long borne Want to keep it... Continue Reading →

Caged by your memories…

Today I saw something which reminded me of you Floating came your memories, as fresh as moments new Heart winced in pain as I tried to smile along Soul yearned for you, mindlessly singing your song Looking around for you, knowing you’re not there What bigger evidence of my misery than this can be there... Continue Reading →

Tears to rain…

Where do these tears come from as I sit doing nothing Why when I try to relax, mind starts to think the same thing What is this sadness which creeps in? What is this pain hidden so deep within? Nothing to single out which is there amiss Yet there is something more which this heart... Continue Reading →

How do I live without you…!

  This sadness doesn’t leave me, Heart seems to be brimming with it These tears don’t stop, Eyes seem to shed them bit by bit Smile is fading day by day, As you’re not in sight I am falling very weak, Without your hug so tight With you not around to pep me up, My... Continue Reading →

Still Waiting For You…

  As I am here alone, in this very strange land I can’t stop wondering, how you let go of my hand As I walk through these solitary roads, I can’t stop to think How completely and entirely, my life changed in a blink Before I could realize, you were gone too far Before I... Continue Reading →

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