I will fight it again…!

Once again, the same old painI really can't bear it anymoreIt makes me wince terriblyHow much more is in store!Each time it hits even harderI feel everything is uselessEvery time I think I am over itYet it comes back to oppress!I remember when it first hit meI thought I wouldn't surviveBut I was stronger than... Continue Reading →

My own voice…!

I tried not to hearBut the voice was loudI tried to shut it outBut could still hear what it was all aboutIt was all about me -Why I don't have what I wantWhy I don't deserveWhy pains are there to haunt It laughed at me and made me cryDidn't bother to stop, even when it... Continue Reading →

Let’s rekindle…!

There was a time when we were 'us’ Talking to you wasn't a fuss There was laughter, fun and merry times Soul talk, we totally rhymed Steps in sync and thoughts that matched Endearing words, not from the heart detached  While our silence also sounded pleasing Our words were comforting and looks weren't freezing I... Continue Reading →

Standing in the shadows…!

I stood there totally unnoticed While my world slipped away What strength I showed to be there How much I had to pray...!  I wanted you to look my way And realise my love To hear you call my name just once Was my wish all above...! I hoped for things to change their course... Continue Reading →

Heart all pure…!

I share smiles, and try to spread a cheer I give a helping hand, to whoever needs a peer I try to bring solace, where and when I see a tear If someone needs a vent, I offer a kind ear I try not to judge, I try not to loathe I am also not... Continue Reading →


Every morning when I wake upAnd want to say helloEvery time I have words to sayThat I want you to knowEvery minute that brings a smileOnly you'll understandEvery memory which comes knockingUnder your commandAccentuates my yearningMakes me feel it even moreHow very much I miss youShocks my very core…!


Relations - what are they supposed to be To tie one down, or set us free To be a steppingstone, or block our way  To let us shine or cast a cloud grey! Relations - how should they be A fresh breeze caressing The first drops of rain Warmth of winter sun A key to... Continue Reading →

Probably, silence…!

Last night when I dreamt of you As usual I wanted to tell you all In my heightened exuberance Of our silence I had no recall It hit me like a wave -  Ceased me, & totally knocked me out Was I never meaningful to you! Slithering in came all the recurring doubts How things... Continue Reading →

Extranged Friends…!

I wonder when I think of you What made you do what you did I self-doubt and always brood Was I wrong or were we always a misfit Sometimes I think I took you too seriously When all you wanted was frivolous laugh Didn't want you just for fun sadly I had in mind a... Continue Reading →

These walls…!

These walls that I've built, aren't what I wished for Within which I am hiding, with my wounds sore  Will these walls protect me from any further hurt? I hope the next pain comes only after an alert! Thought you were someone with whom I'll share Thought you were someone who truly cares But you... Continue Reading →

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