Heart all pure…!

I share smiles, and try to spread a cheer

I give a helping hand, to whoever needs a peer

I try to bring solace, where and when I see a tear

If someone needs a vent, I offer a kind ear

I try not to judge, I try not to loathe

I am also not quick in letting people go

I show love and care, I try to stay true

I stand by my friends in their glooms and blues


Sometimes I wonder why I don’t find it back!

What is my shortcoming, where do I lack?

Should I change how I am and how I behave?

Should I close all doors when next they come my way? 

But no, I don’t think, I’ll ever be good at that

I’ll always care for them, no matter they break my heart

It was never between me and them, I know that for sure

Ultimately SOMEONE, will see my heart all pure!

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