My life is still, I don’t feel a thing With you gone, for me there’s nothing Heart’s so numb, no song to sing This sudden blow, snatched away everything Life’s unfair and I feel robbed Uncontrollably, I have sobbed  All my dreams now feel shattered Heart is ripped and totally battered There’s no hope that... Continue Reading →

I’ll live anyhow…

No thump, no thud, no click of key You left me just so silently No caution or a goodbye too Now tell me what am I supposed to do? How to fill this void and carry on What is left of me is sad and lone World will carry on as nothing left Though I’ve... Continue Reading →

Tears & Rage…!

 I fail to understand the logic behind Any reason I just fail to find Of why the atrocities were done Of why lives were snatched for fun Dreams were crashed, hearts were broken Homes were ruined, spirits were shaken Irreparable damage done to them There is no limit to condemn Taken by a sheer surprise Outlawed... Continue Reading →

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