Probably, silence…!

Last night when I dreamt of you

As usual I wanted to tell you all

In my heightened exuberance

Of our silence I had no recall

It hit me like a wave – 

Ceased me, & totally knocked me out

Was I never meaningful to you!

Slithering in came all the recurring doubts

How things changed, how we drifted 

You said we were the best of pals

I thought it was my safe heaven

Then what happened has no rationale

My heart is shattered you know

Ego too stands in the way

Want to run back to what we had

But how to make my heart feel okay! 

Wish it was easy to fight and ask 

To say my words and hear you too

Even when we didn’t agree – 

How could you distance me from you! 

Questions will remain and I will retreat

For I don’t think I can make me say

It’s better to dwell and continue to pose

Than to exhibit me all sad and frail!

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