My own sweet world…!

The fearlessness that I always want
The craziness that I dare
The bravest things that I want to say
The deeds – that’ll leave my soul bare
The naughtiness I don’t think I have
The childishness I don’t show
The hearty laughs beneath those sighs
The giggles that don’t come out anymore
The running wild, the freest dance
The skipping, jumping galore
The harmless fun, the mindless acts
Those chances to settle old scores

All these I live in my world of dreams
Where I am not constantly judged
There I can be what I want to be
Without anyone telling me as much
It mind sound all an escapist route
But, it is a route after all
Somewhere, where I am myself
Without any stern protocols
No limits to my thoughts there are
No limits to how I behave
No limits to what I can achieve
And to get everything that I crave!
It is my own sweet world
Which I look forward to as a treat
When after my exhausting day
I lie myself to retreat…!

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