Tears & Rage…!


 I fail to understand the logic behind

Any reason I just fail to find

Of why the atrocities were done

Of why lives were snatched for fun

Dreams were crashed, hearts were broken

Homes were ruined, spirits were shaken

Irreparable damage done to them

There is no limit to condemn

Taken by a sheer surprise

Outlawed they became overnight

Where to go and whom to ask

Just breathing seemed a herculean task

With prayers and their pride intact

When mind was bereft of any tact

To breathe became the sole objective

Survival was the only motive

Families got shattered and torn apart

Many loved ones made to depart

Lives lost were just a thing

Dreams got tattered in a blink

Friends turned away, insults were meted

Those cruel hearts hardly fretted

Seeing famished children, mothers said

“How to feed them a little bread?!”

Mercilessly and with no shame 

Lives were taken on an excuse lame

Men, women, young or old

Who to ask, what support to hold!

Just agonizing cries around

Before they too got in pain drowned

Why did no one bother I wonder?

Why did God allow this blunder?

On just reading about these horrid facts

When my heart in a such a way reacts

How would had they endured it all?

I only look back entirely appalled 

Who’s accountable for those who perished?

Were they even sufficiently punished?

Each molecule in me is in a rage

Thinking how they lived in that horrid cage

With questions so many I only whine

Any reason for this my heart declines

Wondering what was the design behind

I only want few answers to find!

Humans are meant to love and care

Then how can someone show such dare

Of plotting such a massacre 

In God’s court how did he fare!

When will we all understand

Best religion is to offer a helping hand

Stop the killings in the name of God

By shedding blood you’ll never earn HIS nod

Let’s  not forget, let’s remember always

The sacrifices by those millions made

Let’s  keep the fire burning within

To build a world free of such sins! 

One thought on “Tears & Rage…!

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  1. It’s distressing image of a human act. Expressed well. A religion is of no use if it doesn’t propagate love and peace.


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