I’ll live anyhow…


No thump, no thud, no click of key

You left me just so silently

No caution or a goodbye too

Now tell me what am I supposed to do?

How to fill this void and carry on

What is left of me is sad and lone

World will carry on as nothing left

Though I’ve lost all and feel bereft 

This anger inside growing strong

Nothing in place, all seems so wrong

I feel as if I am walking in sleep

Not my life, in other territory I creep

Where to look for you and set things right

Oh come back- promise I won’t fight

Let me atleast convey to you

How much my dear, I still love You

Didn’t know I won’t get another chance 

I detest this tragic circumstance

I just want to have another glance

Are you really gone or am I in trance?

I wasn’t ready to deal with this

What on earth I did to deserve the amiss

To breathe, seems a heavy task

To live, I will need a mask

For I too died when you chose to go

Leaving my life in this utter furore

Bless me from where you’re now

With your memories, I’ll live anyhow! 

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