God and me…!


Where is the peace YOU promised me?

Where is the chance to experience glee?

Where is YOUR perfect world to see?

Where is my chance to be happy and free?

Why this stress and constant grief?

Where is the smile and that relief?

What’s in YOUR mind Oh my dear Chief?

Please tell who is the rotten thief?

Who steals my peace and inner bliss

To know what is this huge amiss

I am today at YOUR lotus feet

That’s why, I am here to meet

Nowhere to go where I get that rest

Clueless I feel how to fare this test

Even after giving my very best

I feel bereft with absolutely no rest 

Let me know the role for me

Which will make me feel as if I am free

For right now it’s a struggle YOU see

Give me, for this dead lock a key

With mind set upon YOUR holy self

I look with love towards Thyself

With hope that YOU will come to help

Will offer solace when I will yelp

I feel YOU close in many ways

Get strength through your adoring gaze

I know YOU’re there to hold me straight

My journey YOU will facilitate 

No words were needed to communicate

I feel the urge to reciprocate

By exhibiting unwavering trust in YOU

To live this life without any review!

Whether I never understand 

I know YOU will always hold my hand

Will lead me where I’m meant to be

A stream – to finally merge in YOUR sea! 

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