In You My Peace…!


Come, hold my hand and lead me there

You and I can live all our dreams where

Singing our love song without one bother

We stay entwined in our love forever 

Flying high, soaring in the sky

With no one to ask on anything – why

Where we can live, absolutely carefree

Holding hands we’ll run with glee


Seeing myself in your eyes forever

I wouldn’t want another thing ever

Together we’ll dance the way none did

From dusk until the next dawn slid

No worry in heart, no tear to shed

Let’s pen a story which has never been said

Reaching out for the rainbow along with you

Riding a cloud, and enjoying the view

Wrapped in your arms enjoying the embrace 

Drinking through my eyes every inch of your face

And then when I’ll sleep with total release

Ultimately in you, I’ll find my peace! 


© Expressions – Sonal’s Blog

All rights reserved!

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