I am Ready…!


At daybreak, as I open my eyes

I wonder what ahead of me lies

Will the day bring in grief or everlasting joy

Will there be a moment to make me say, “Oh boy!”

Will the day be exciting, and surprise me

Or will it be mundane with nothing new to see

Will there be smiles or only misery

Or something which will poke, cherished memories

Thinking upon this, I wonder how it is

Each new day, is a kind of a quiz

A new visitor daily, knocking at our door

Up to us to welcome it, frown or do more

If we manage to smile and welcome our guest

Half the problem is solved, and day is better addressed

On the other hand, if we happen to frown and cry

And welcome our guest with a deep, worrying sigh

Things start going wrong, a vicious circle it becomes

Sooner than one should, to the challenge we succumb

Well begun is half done, is an old saying

To give oneself a kick-start, there is no harm in obeying

The words of wisdom well proven with time

No harm if successful actions we mime

So I thought I’ll welcome what life throws at me

With gratitude and strength I’ll try to agree

With all that life’s to offer today and everyday

Yes, I’ll give my best, whatever come along the way…

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