YOU, My Sai…!

Throughout the night, and throughout the day I can talk to YOU, if I have my say Where-ever I go, whichever way YOUR face I want to see, if I may Each breath that I take, consciously or not so much Want to think of YOU, if I’m allowed as such With every heartbeat reverberating... Continue Reading →

Let me drown in YOUR sea…!

  Why do YOU this to me? Why do YOU make me cry? One look at YOUR pious face And my heart starts to pry The meaning of living this life Away from YOUR divine feet Why don’t YOU let me merge in YOU Why don’t you facilitate our meet? Please let me learn my... Continue Reading →

God and me…!

Where is the peace YOU promised me? Where is the chance to experience glee? Where is YOUR perfect world to see? Where is my chance to be happy and free? Why this stress and constant grief? Where is the smile and that relief? What’s in YOUR mind Oh my dear Chief? Please tell who is... Continue Reading →

My dialogue with HIM

"Why is it that in every relation only I have to give more Why is it that I have to struggle, a lot before reaching any shore Why is it that with young or old, only I have to show maturity Why is it that I have to look so hard, to find the same... Continue Reading →

Have Faith…

Wear a smile, start your day Seek blessings, you'll find your way Have faith, show belief HE will listen, you'll find relief Learn to pray, and show your trust HE will answer, HE is very just Have hope, and stop whining 'Coz every cloud, has a silver lining Wait patiently, for the time to come... Continue Reading →

My prayer to you…

  In this first hour of the new year I bow down at YOUR feet YOUR sound is what I want to hear YOUR blessings is what I seek   YOUR sight to guide me along No one else do I desire Your voice should be my only song No other sound can give that... Continue Reading →

GURU… My Baba

With You by my side, I can face any rough tide With You by my side, troubles can become a joy ride With You by my side, even in dark I can find a way With You by my side, night will also look like a day With You along, life surely is a melodious... Continue Reading →

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