All YOU…!

Love YOU Baba! ♥️🙏🏻

I talk to YOU night and day
YOUR comforting look paves my way
I get courage when I look at YOU
YOUR mesmerising smile comes to my rescue

Sometimes when I look at YOU
I smile, share & shed tears too
I let my heart out so clearly bare
Not a sentiment which I don’t share
Sometimes not a word is said
Yet YOU show me the way I need to tread

I think how much I’ll love to be
In YOUR embrace - and for me to see
YOUR charming face and enigmatic self
Will be a treat to behold in itself!

Keep guiding me, for I know none
Keep smiling at me, for there is no one
Keep loving me, like YOU always do
Keep holding me, like a mother true

I am, for YOU are looking at me
I walk, for YOU are holding me
I talk, for YOU are blessing me
I see, what YOU are showing me

Everyday this love grows
My craziness sees a new fold
No one, nothing and nowhere but YOU
My power, my father, my friend - all YOU!

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