Divine Message…!

How do I talk to YOU my God? 

Do I visit your famous shrine, or bring YOU flowers special

Do I donate to YOUR shrine’s treasury, or earn some credentials

Do I call a big crowd, and sing YOUR praises to them

Do I travel to the places, which my religion says are YOUR realm

Do I make a temple in YOUR name, and have YOU all glittered in gold

Do I offer YOU jewels, and get YOU the most dazzling throne

Do I have to sit alone – eyes closed is it my Lord?

Do I follow the rituals as mentioned in our holy records

Will YOU understand through these actions, that I really love YOU so much 

Will ever someone else pray to YOU with love such!


Just while I thought,  I had understood it all, 

A roaring laughter I heard – it had me enthralled 


No need for any paraphernalia, no gold or flowers I want

No crowds or throne with jewels, all this is so wrong

A heart full of love, eyes with tears of joy

Hands folded? Oh it doesn’t matter, if sitting with me you enjoy

Whether you come in the morning or later in the day

Just make sure my child, you come with love, not fear!

Whether for a quick hello, or for hours you sit with me

Don’t come if someone makes you, just at your wish you be

And do you know my child, what will have me more impressed?

If you offer your helping hand to that someone in distress

Bring a smile on someone’s face and then you’ll see my child

How madly, deeply, crazily I’ll love you and make you mine”

So go to the shrine if you want, do all that they say too

But only if you want it, not ‘coz they say ‘I told you to’!

I live in your heart, I also live in the other’s

So if you want to please me, don’t be for anyone a bother

Love and live my child, for love is the greatest of all

Only those who cause a pain, have misery on them befall


With tears flowing endlessly, I listen to every word

“I will do as YOU say my Baba, what a beautiful message I’ve got

Whenever I want to meet YOU, I will try to look within

Your beautiful message my Baba, has left me with the biggest grin”!

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