SAI & I…!

One look at YOU and my heart finds it’s peace
One glance from YOU and my heart finds it’s bliss
There is magic in YOUR look my Sai
No one loves me like YOU do
In YOUR embrace my Sai
I found the joy which I never knew
YOU make me feel confident Sai
With YOU I believe that I can
YOU make me smile my Sai
I feel proud to be of YOUR clan
YOU make me feel truly loved
I feel blessed to be a part of YOUR plan
YOU teach me patience and grow my faith
YOU teach me how to endure even in pain
YOU never fail to help, support and relieve
YOU show YOUR magic and always make me believe
I want YOUR signs and messages always
I want to live my life following YOUR ways
Just continue loving me and holding my hand
YOUR word my Sai, is, and will always be my command!

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