I forgive…!

I forgive the one who broke my trust
Constantly told blatant lies
Had no love but only lust –
for money, power, and everything wrong

I forgive the one who misled me
With fake smiles and polished words
Shaded the reality from me to see
Hid the truth and his self uncouth

I forgive the one whom I called a friend
But behind my back who badmouthed
What good it did – I do not know
It broke my heart when I got to know it though

I forgive the one who never wished me well
Even when I prayed for them
All those who never were loyal to me
Even when I always stood by them

I forgive the one who plotted and planned
Tried all ways to twist my arm
Did all in their power to send my way
Physical, mental and emotional harm

I also, forgive myself truly
To let such people come to me
To not end – when I finally
Got to see their reality

Yes, I was naive, didn’t know how to
Safeguard myself and not punish me
The gallons cried over such moments
Could’ve been true times of glee

However now I understand
So, I forgive them from my heart
They did what they knew or learnt
Someday they will also face the brunt

No revenge, not even bad feelings
Just want my peace and nothing else
So I forgive and leave it to God
I know that someday time will tell…!

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