My life is still, I don’t feel a thing

With you gone, for me there’s nothing

Heart’s so numb, no song to sing

This sudden blow, snatched away everything

Life’s unfair and I feel robbed

Uncontrollably, I have sobbed 

All my dreams now feel shattered

Heart is ripped and totally battered

There’s no hope that I’ll see you again 

This horrid fact won’t leave me sane

In your memories forever chained

I’ll call for you as eyes will rain

Nowhere that I’ll get respite

No soothing touch to ease my fright

Your face is nowhere in my sight

I want to run into your light

Thorns of memories prick me hard

Your chapter I should now discard

Forever hurt and totally scarred

I’ll miss your care and constant guard

I’ll long for you to call my name

I’ll cling to you with no speck of shame

Just come back once, rise up to life

Or hand me too a blade or knife

Take me along as you pass the shore

I won’t ask for anything more

Without you in this world what holds

Even if it shines as gold

No, I don’t accept this fact of destiny

It all appears to be only a felony

How will I ever in life’s game fare

Wish it all turns out to be just a nightmare

Leave me alone to mourn oh world

Me, myself in his memories curled

Don’t call, don’t come, don’t bother for me

For now what more can happen you see! 

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