There is so much of you in me…!



No respite for me far from you

Tears fall on my cheeks

Like on petals drops of dew

Friends call me a freak

As I still long for you

From your thoughts I am not free

Foolish like me must be few

Reality who cant see!

Memories of us together

Feel of your embrace

In my heart will stay forever

I still long to see your face

That smile of yours moreover 

Fills cheer in my sulky days

Tiny fragments of us I remember

Which leave me in a constant daze

Frantically around me I look

Your voice in me like a chime

You fill most of my life’s book

I’m woven with you through time

This task to separate I undertook

But your actions I still mime

Looking at my reflection I shook

Staring at me were you the most prime! 

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