Fake Friends…



I am not the one to do chit-chat, I like to do soulful talks

A stride or two is not for me, I’m a companion for those long walks 

Friends for now and then forgotten, is not my cup of tea

A friend for me is a life-long thing, in times of need I don’t flee

When you shed tears a steady shoulder, is what you’ll find in me

A mirror to show you the truth always, an ear to listen I will be 

When you feel tired from this tedious life, I’ll help you energize

When you feel lost and confused my friend, I’ll try to give an advice wise

Will try protect you against all vices and be your helping hand

Whenever you’ll need me close and near, I’ll be there even across lands

Friends to keep and friends to care, friends for me are life

Not just in times of cheer, I stay along even in your strife

Challenging the new age concept of what has started to be known as friendship

Fake talks, matter of convenience, but behind your back you get stripped

No that is not what friends should do, not that is not we deserve

Friends for life, friends to care, your heart with them should stay preserved

And those who hurt and are double-faced, and those who tell lies

Beware – for they can betray and from them you can get surprise!

Choose your friends wisely and if you feel you’ve been wronged

Learn to get away in time, don’t let them around you throng!

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