Oh, please tell me!


Who am I to you please tell me

If no one, then let me be free

My fragile state, can’t you see?

Tears in heart, on face –  a false glee

Shown down, broken apart

Shred into pieces, my timid heart

Now no more, I have no strength

To continue like this, another length

So, let me know what you see for us

A life apart, for one without this fuss! 

2 thoughts on “Oh, please tell me!

Add yours

  1. you seem like a really sensitive lady! and there’s this innocence in your writing which is rather lovely.
    also read, a lot of them confide in you, but i do wonder, where do you confide when you’re at your lowest. i guess, you write?
    loved reading you. wishing you the best.

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