Oh, please tell me!


Who am I to you please tell me

If no one, then let me be free

My fragile state, can’t you see?

Tears in heart, on face –  a false glee

Shown down, broken apart

Shred into pieces, my timid heart

Now no more, I have no strength

To continue like this, another length

So, let me know what you see for us

A life apart, for one without this fuss! 

3 thoughts on “Oh, please tell me!

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  1. you seem like a really sensitive lady! and there’s this innocence in your writing which is rather lovely.
    also read, a lot of them confide in you, but i do wonder, where do you confide when you’re at your lowest. i guess, you write?
    loved reading you. wishing you the best.

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  2. yes, one can indeed feel the pain and loneliness, that your poetry has. but in this way, things might get difficult for you. and i can relate and so no matter how much we are comfortable w the way we are, sometimes one just cant help but wish, there was someone nearby. to listen. to love. to share. but maybe that’s just me.
    hope you’ve been well, beautiful.


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