Me, Without you…!

I wonder when I think of you – what made you change so much
From when you used to live me through – how come now attitude such
From when we talked night and day – without any bother
To now when there is no word from you – no hello or any other
From when you used to say to me – that you’ll never ever forget me
Why to this, what’s happening now – was it all too suddenly?
From so much that we used to say – so much that we used to hear
To now this distance between us – too heart-piercing to bear
I know the limitations – I know why you can’t tell
But how you live without a word to me – on this I often dwell
No one can take the past away – the memories of when we spoke
Smiling and ever strong to see – I’ll hide the facts under a cloak
Me, without you – no fun, no cheer
With each breath – I wish you were here!

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