Awaiting that beautiful dawn…!

Strength – I need to tolerate

Results of hard work as I await

Trying to shine as a star bright

Fighting odds with all my might

Climbing up this cliff so steep

Smiling, though in heart I weep

Splashing my way in a rough tide

Trying to cross this rift so wide

Trying hard to gasp for air

As I fight hard to achieve my share

Ignoring these blisters on feet

Longing for whom I want to meet

Not knowing if there’ll ever be day

I’ll tread upon this pitch dark way

To be, where I want to be

To see, what I want to see

To fly, like a bird so free

To cry, all those tears with glee

Came too far, but not there yet

If I stop now, I’ll ever regret

So I won’t stop until there I get

For meeting who my heart is set

With my heart set upon that hug

Probably then, I’ll too be smug

Till then I have to carry on

Awaiting that – beautiful dawn!

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