No answer to my whys…!

I saw you there – when you were rushing by

You looked at me and let out a sigh

At first you tried to walk away

But then you turned and came my way

You looked hurt and I know I did wrong

You were angry that I wasn’t strong

Still, you lovingly stroked my hair

I nearly choked for that gasp of air

Tears brimming my eyes I asked how you were

No words, your finger on my cheek lingered

Then you asked – “Wasn’t I your choice?”

“Why weren’t you strong”, you asked in a muffled voice…

My tears by now had smeared my face 

I said I was sorry for my fearful ways 

You shook your head in exasperation 

While still holding my face in desperation 

Suddenly then your poise you regained

When you backed off, I almost exploded in pain

“Please don’t go”, I cried out with scare

Not in my senses, of my surroundings I wasn’t aware

The disappointment in your eyes, the defeated look

“You could’ve been mine”, were your words as a step away you took

As if frozen, I saw your retreat

I was to blame for this shattering defeat

You tried to hide those tears of pain

“Take care” you said in a very weak strain 

I saw you leave, turning every now and then

Don’t know how long, not sure till when

I stood there with tears flowing by

With no reason, no answer to my whys…

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