Let it stay…!

The things I see, they baffle me, They pierce my heart like a dagger They hit me with a ferocious speed  I can't stand strong, I stagger! They make me feel so lonely Amidst all that's tangible around I squirm and pull myself in Encircled by thoughts newfound! Trying to find a stable ground Beneath... Continue Reading →

I will fight it again…!

Once again, the same old painI really can't bear it anymoreIt makes me wince terriblyHow much more is in store!Each time it hits even harderI feel everything is uselessEvery time I think I am over itYet it comes back to oppress!I remember when it first hit meI thought I wouldn't surviveBut I was stronger than... Continue Reading →

Standing in the shadows…!

I stood there totally unnoticed While my world slipped away What strength I showed to be there How much I had to pray...!  I wanted you to look my way And realise my love To hear you call my name just once Was my wish all above...! I hoped for things to change their course... Continue Reading →


Pain comes in many formsNone knows what's it for the otherIs yours a bigger pain than mine?Why to ponder on this further? That which hurts me so muchMight not be a big thing for youSo, do not look down upon meBecause you can't comprehend why my tears flew That - which pains you so deepI... Continue Reading →

The same hurt…!

I don't know how I forget How always you behaved so curt Why on earth do I let myself Go back to the same hurt! I wonder what made me forget Those things that I'd heard Then how on earth do I let myself Go back to the same hurt! I must be crazy to... Continue Reading →

Fight the pain…!

Your pain can make you tough or it can make you tremble Your tears can get you going or hold you in deep shambles Your agony can fire you or make you weep like a baby Your past can keep you chained with in your thought a "maybe" Don't let your fears rule you Find... Continue Reading →

No answer to my whys…!

I saw you there - when you were rushing by You looked at me and let out a sigh At first you tried to walk away But then you turned and came my way You looked hurt and I know I did wrong You were angry that I wasn't strong Still, you lovingly stroked my... Continue Reading →

Life, or Strife…?

Not one who is not in pain in this life Not one who is free from some major strife As I meet people, such pain I see Is this how You wanted Your world to be?  Fake smiles, each fighting gross pain All the advices just go in vain Tears and sobs and compromise Before... Continue Reading →

Orphan, this one! :(

All alone on this path as I tread Can’t remember when last I was fed No care, no love, no one who said “Come here my child, let me put you to bed” Fending for myself, alone on the streets No fuss, no tantrum, no one dancing on my beats No pampering, no gifts, no... Continue Reading →

No More Trying…!

You always just told me what I am not Never appreciated what I’ve got I kept on trying to prove my worth Precious years of life now seem wasted as dirt Compromising what was important to me I tried to be what you wanted me to be Knowing  otherwise, but still agreeing with you Just... Continue Reading →

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