Orphan, this one! :(


All alone on this path as I tread

Can’t remember when last I was fed

No care, no love, no one who said

“Come here my child, let me put you to bed”

Fending for myself, alone on the streets

No fuss, no tantrum, no one dancing on my beats

No pampering, no gifts, no toys or treats

With open arms, no one who meets

Sobbing tears if I ever feel weak

Where do I go, which shelter to seek

Who is there to kiss my cheek

To say, “My dear, you’re truly unique!”

I sometimes feel very scared

As I live on streets exposed and bare

Is there not even one here or there?

The warmth of an abode with me who can share

Whom to complain if I ever want to

How I wish for a door to go through 

To live a life, totally different and new

To have all the things which currently are few

Not easy it is to live all alone

Famished always, body like a bone

Callously ignored & on the streets thrown

Before being a child, feeling all grown

Why this bias, getting punished for what?

Why have I been sent – is it only to rot?

Did YOU send me here and just forgot?

To fend for myself I’ve all alone fought!

I have some dreams, even I want to live

I am sure for me, YOU have something to give

If I was ever wrong, now please forgive 

Small favours only, nothing that I need is too big

A family to love, someone to care

Someone who’ll lovingly stroke my hair

And as I tread out, this time to learn 

Someone – who’ll wait for even my return! 

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