For us, this is not the end…!


Even now, after many years

This heart doesn’t seem to bear

The loss which it undertook

Even after the years flown as brook

You came, and left – all so swiftly

I shouldn’t have behaved timidly

But no one told me that it will pass

If I don’t show courage to cross my grass

You were so near, yet I didn’t reach out

Now too far to hear – even if I shout

Your loving glance which made me melt

Want to feel once more, how then I felt

Well, life will pass and time will flow

Years will pass, fast or slow

Memories though of you in me

Will stay afresh, till times to be…

Near or far doesn’t matter now

My wishes for you, stay strong anyhow

Vibes are felt and prayers are said

Cards are written, even though unread

Happiness is wished and blessings sent

Your good in heart, my truest intent

Live and laugh, now and always my friend

For us, I know, this is NOT THE END! 

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