True love…!

True love is tranquil It doesn't make much noise True love is peaceful It doesn't need a strong voice True love doesn't give shivers It gives eternal peace True love is like a puzzle  In which in place is every piece True love isn't demanding It accepts and forgoes True love isn't revengeful  It rejoices... Continue Reading →

You keep coming back to me…!

No matter how many years have passed Or how many more will come Silently without any reason to be Your thought comes back to me… No matter how many faces since Or how many more I’ll see Thoughtlessly without any plea Your face comes back to me… No matter how many conversations since Wonder how... Continue Reading →

For us, this is not the end…!

Even now, after many years This heart doesn’t seem to bear The loss which it undertook Even after the years flown as brook You came, and left - all so swiftly I shouldn’t have behaved timidly But no one told me that it will pass If I don’t show courage to cross my grass You... Continue Reading →

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