Forgotten not…!



Come here and listen dear child

It’s easy to get spoilt and wild

Temptations will lure and vices will call

You’ll need to face them strong & tall

There’s enough out there to beckon you

Enchanting things which you’ll find all new

At first all these will shine & gleam

Getting them will become your dream

Before you’ll know, you’ll get entrapped

Watch out – before you get all zapped

Not all that shines turns out as gold

Watch where you go, oh please behold

It very easy to get tripped you see

At first you’ll feel ecstatic with glee

But pleasures such, don’t hold for long 

They entice you towards the forbidden & wrong

I’ll show you what you truly should be

An alternative, which you should see

It may not seem attractive at first

Not a path which is well-rehearsed

But this is which will give pure joy

In true sense you’ll then enjoy

How wondrous it is to spread a smile

So, stop and appreciate for a while

The merits you should try and seize

When vices knock, let the moment freeze

Take a while – to think it through 

Time will come to start anew

So, let those pass which lead you astray

Try and pave your own good way

Saying no to bad might leave you alone

Might’ve to walk the path less shown

But the joy it will bring will be there to last

Won’t vanish in a moment of blast

Good path my child might seem uphill

Just pause and then gather your will

For once, that you will start to go

The happiness earned will not forgo

Be kind and help more and more

Only good deeds are carried ashore


Laugh and live to your heart’s content

Make friends, learn skills & have no repent

Learn sports and be friends with books

Don’t ever judge anyone by his looks

Be wise, but not cunning ever

To guide and steer, say no never

Read, play, run and be merry

From over brooding, be very wary


Be good, do good and laugh a lot

And let these words be forgotten not…! 

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