Never say never…!

Never say never For it is not an end till you believe There might always be another chance For you to achieve Never say never  As there is light at the end of that bend There is always a silver lining A hope, a helping hand Never say never For you never know what you'll... Continue Reading →

You Are On Your Own…!

You might feel you have someone To give you company on this run To hold your hand when you're low To let you grieve when you face the blow You might feel you have a friend  Who'll be with you till the very end To walk with you when you need a hand To face... Continue Reading →

Forgotten not…!

  Come here and listen dear child It’s easy to get spoilt and wild Temptations will lure and vices will call You’ll need to face them strong & tall There’s enough out there to beckon you Enchanting things which you’ll find all new At first all these will shine & gleam Getting them will become... Continue Reading →

Power of a Smile…! :)

A curve that sets things right Spreads cheer to whatever is in sight Removes gloom and sets mood alight Many a times it also ends a fight A simple thing it is which we forget To do every morning when we leave bed Which can make our day positive Fill us with joy and also... Continue Reading →

Frantic Routine

Just running and working like a non-stop machine, Without much thought I am following the routine, Chaos and time pressure rule my every morning, No time to sit and enjoy a cuppa under the awning! I don't drive my day, it's the day which drives me, Running by the clock, is what has become of... Continue Reading →

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