You Are On Your Own…!

You might feel you have someone

To give you company on this run

To hold your hand when you’re low

To let you grieve when you face the blow

You might feel you have a friend 

Who’ll be with you till the very end

To walk with you when you need a hand

To face the adversity of a challenging land

You might feel you have it in control

The ups, the downs – you won’t be alone

The people around you truly care

You’re well received in their affairs

When however, the mirage fades

You get to see the real shades

You’re left bereft of even an explanation

For some time, there isn’t a sensation 

Bare and empty, with a hole in the heart

You want to erase your entire part

However – you know, even though you moan 

On this life’s path – YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

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