Power of a Smile…! :)


A curve that sets things right

Spreads cheer to whatever is in sight

Removes gloom and sets mood alight

Many a times it also ends a fight

A simple thing it is which we forget

To do every morning when we leave bed

Which can make our day positive

Fill us with joy and also mischief

A Smile it is my dear friends

Benefits of which have no ends

A contagious thing it is for sure

You try it, and many along you’ll lure

It announces your arrival plesantly

Those receiving it pass blessings silently

For glum faces are many around to see

One with smile fills others with glee 

The least which we all can do I say

Is to smile generously every day

Along with you yourself feeling gay

To those around bliss you’ll convey 

So wear your smiles with pride

And feel the strength in your stride

Let it be your daily guide

On how to keep your worries aside

In tough times smile more

Let not those troubles come to fore

With a smile face all your challenges

Let not those rough tide cause damages

Smile your way into a happier you

Let HIM guide you through your challenges in lieu! 

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