Do Good Anyways…


They say – when nothing goes right, go left
But what to do when even there you feel bereft
They say – do good and good will come back to you
But what to do when nothing as such holds true
They say – God is there to see and set right
But what to do when it seems that truth is out of even HIS sight
They say – every cloud has a silver lining
But what to do when fake is every light that is shining
They say – kindness is a language which doesn’t need words
But what to do when it is trampled over and you’re declared a nerd
In such a time I am pretty sure you will feel like giving up
This world will seem a cruel place and you’ll find it tough to hold up
You’ll want to retire from one and all and be alone to patch up
The strewn pieces of your heart, so badly blown up!
But even then with faith in your heart, as strong as steel
Stand firm on your goodness and don’t allow them to steal-
– Your lasting courage and let your goodness reveal
‘Coz ultimately IT IS goodness which will help you in your ordeal
Such proverbs though loosely used and may seem unreal
In this strange world of today, goodness may seem surreal
But simplicity and genuineness how much ever ridiculed
Ultimately they win, and eventually they rule!

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