Sometimes lonely is good…!



Strange is the world, stranger mankind

Honest & true, are so tough to find

Words & actions hardly match

For simpletons, it is a rough catch

In trying to decipher, you can lose your mind

From taking on face value, I have long resigned

No one around, whom I can lay trust on 

In believing others, you’re considered a moron

No ray of light to show there is hope

This perilous mountain, to climb with no rope

All seem to have a betraying mask on

Lies are favoured, truths are frowned upon

Strange is this world, stranger mankind

To carry on here, you have to turn an eye  blind –

To hypocrisy of people, which suffocates me to hell

No one to inquire honestly if you’re well

Just one I long for, whom I can trust blindly

Who will care and be around, lovingly & honestly

Who will not exploit, will not show off or use me

With whom I can laugh, be myself and just carefree

Too much to ask I guess, in this world of today

Where you have to be like them, to find your way

Not me, I am sorry, even if it means being lonely

Even if on this path, I’ll be the one and only…

Will tread on and find my peace at last

Better than being constantly harassed! 

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