There’s God Only…!



Tired of playing my part

Life seems to be falling apart

No fun in my stride 

No joy in my smile

I don’t know how to learn this art

Never felt so lonely and aghast

It feels so tough to carry on 

This pain in my heart for long borne

Want to keep it aside and rest for a while 

Before I continue on this arduous mile

As I look around to find true friends

I see only masks, to fakeness no end

With whom to have a genuine talk? 

Whose words are there without a mock?

Jealousy, treachery and beguiled minds

Honesty and loyalty and such tough finds

Tired of dealing with so many such

Want to retire, no other desire much

Have learnt that it is up to me

To copy them, or let it be

Have to learn to live lonely

‘Coz for such like me, there’s God only!

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  1. As I have taken only 25 revolution around the sun, but till now what I have deciphered about life is that, it can never be perfect. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. One must learn to enjoy the good part, and facing the other part valiantly and optimistically. It demands endurance and strength to be optimistic for long. God is always the one to show the light in despair.

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