Frantic Routine

Just running and working like a non-stop machine,

Without much thought I am following the routine,

Chaos and time pressure rule my every morning,

No time to sit and enjoy a cuppa under the awning!

I don’t drive my day, it’s the day which drives me,

Running by the clock, is what has become of me!

One after the other, there are things to be dealt with,

Peaceful morning, has just become a myth!

No time to laze around, sit quitely and yawn,

Gotta splash water on my sleepy face, right at the dawn!

Have to get on to things at once, else I’ll get late,

Shout in frustation, no hands holding with my mate!

Getting kids ready and setting the house in order,

Preparing meals, tidying clothes, trying to sort the disorder

Running frantically, I try to hold on to time

The sound of the clock, an alarming chime

Amongst this chaos, a thought tries to calm me

Life is in this moment – enjoy and let things be

Taking a breath deep, I try to calm the frantic mind

I try not to thing ahead and focus on my peace to find!

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