Tears to rain…

Where do these tears come from as I sit doing nothing

Why when I try to relax, mind starts to think the same thing

What is this sadness which creeps in?

What is this pain hidden so deep within?

Nothing to single out which is there amiss

Yet there is something more which this heart does wish

I say – “all that is there is good”

But this silly heart hums what “should” and “could”

In this struggle between me and my heart

There is a lot of cajoling and a lot of art

“Why didn’t you bother about me” questions my heart

“You allowed people to trample over me” blames me my heart

As I try to pacify this silly heart and reason with it

I live the past pain again, bit by bit

“For how long will you haunt me”, I question the pain

Will I ever sit peacefully without these tears to rain?! 

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