An Ode to my My Baba… My Guru… My Sai…!


Looking at YOU, I bow down my head

Folding hands, I present my heart’s shreds

Praying to YOU, I seek strength 

To cross this life’s enormous length

Seeking YOU, I start my day

Thanking YOU, I see the last ray

Thinking YOU, I act night & day

Only YOUR teachings, paving my way

YOUR presence in my life is the thing

Which gives my timid heart such wings

Which helps me soar above the tests

In my quest to be YOUR very best

YOUR love in my heart keeps it beating

Ruled by the desire for the divine meeting

YOUR enigmatic persona charms my mind

YOUR calming smile, helps me unwind

I love YOU from each heartbeat in me

I desire YOU with every breath to be

I want YOU in every sight that I see

Only YOUR face is what gives me glee

Embrace me now, don’t make me wait

Engulf me now, in thyself so great

Make me YOURS, completely my Lord

Let me hear only YOUR melodious chord

Love you my Baba, my Guru, my life

With you along, I don’t care for strife

I am YOUR child and want to merge in YOU

In YOUR mighty rose, like a drop of dew! 

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