What to do…?

Hurdle at my every step, hindrance at every thought I brew

With challenges at every knock, I really don’t know what to do!

Conversations leading nowhere, people turning glances away

With so much negativity around, how to clearly see my way!

Roadblocks on which I stumble, when a simple step I try to take

With problems at every turn, my confidence is bound to shake!

Planning & plotting in every mind, genuinity is getting rust

With fake people around in ample, there is absolutely no mutual trust! 

Aghast with what has become of us, I feel like taking a rapid retreat

But how to forsake what I ought to do, how to forsake this to-do sheet! 

Holding strong, trying not to give up, even in this tide so fast

Praying for strength & keeping strong, wish this strength for me will last!

Hoping that the world will see, more of goodness and less of deceive

Hoping that people will understand, that spreading cheer gets results to reap! 

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