And there I saw it again! The letter written by you to me

Though already read a thousand times, each word was as if new to see


Your perfect handwriting, your sensible choice of words

Your incomparable wisdom which I was drawn towards


It took me back in time and I found myself smiling

As I thought of you and our time, the memories started piling


Each one so crystal clear, till today I was surprised

Holding that precious paper in my hands, for long I stayed hypnotized


Before I could control, tears started to roll by

And when the present got clear around, I myself felt a bit shy


Hurriedly keeping you away, I tried to get back to now

Trying hard to ignore, the sharp pain I felt anyhow


The pain will subside the present will win, but I don’t know till when

You will come alive so vividly, just by looking at those words from your pen! 


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