My dialogue with HIM

“Why is it that in every relation only I have to give more

Why is it that I have to struggle, a lot before reaching any shore

Why is it that with young or old, only I have to show maturity

Why is it that I have to look so hard, to find the same sincerity

Why is it that I find myself, often bereft and stranded

Why is it that I find myself, always taken for granted

Why is it that my heart so pure, is shredded so badly apart

Why is it those near and dear, before hurting don’t feel aghast

Why is it that I find myself, alone and in tears

Why is it that after doing everything, for me there is no one to hear”

When I ask all of the above, to my beloved Father

HE looks at me calmly, gives a smile without a bother

HE asks me to calm down, to relax and to stop crying

HE pats my head and very gently, wipes off those tears not drying

“Not everyone my child, is blessed with a golden heart

Not everyone my child, in this life knows the kind art

Not everyone my child, is here to do my job

Not everyone my child, through their acts my heart rob

Feel blessed that you’re the one, amongst my very own

Whom I know I can trust, to calm those who moan

Feel blessed that you’re the one, who spread my cheer ahead

Who can feel me within them, my word they spread

Realise that yours the hand, through which I sometimes act

Or sometimes through you I help, to show them the facts

So wipe those freckles my child, for your struggles are the way

Which will bring you closer to me, just keep following this ray

Will you still complain, about those who’re not as you

Will you not carry on my work, as you currently do

I will love you no less, even if you decide to give up

This struggle of being the good one, if you’re so fed up

But if you decide to carry on, my work my dear child

Then keep forgiving those, who don’t treat you so mild

For they yet don’t understand, what you already do

So keep leading the way, they surely will follow too

And always remember my child, that I am and will surely be there

To guide you, hold you, love you, you need not look elsewhere”

With my heart full of gratitude, I bow down at HIS feet

I feel embarrassed I tell HIM, that for complaining I’d come to meet

“I very much will continue on the path that YOU’ve shown

I feel proud of only one thing – that I am one of those you own

Even though I’ll get hurt, in future as in past

I promise YOU my Father, YOUR words will give me the stregth to last…

YOUR words will give me the strength to last…

YOUR words will give me the strength to last…”

One thought on “My dialogue with HIM

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  1. Deep insight of life.
    Well among some, I believe, god resides in each one of us, divinity differs from people to people. Sometimes hardships develops divinity, lead us to better place, make us stronger, let us see the world from different perspective, a kind and selfless one. Not everyone has the heart to understand what others feels like.
    Faith is one of highest devotion. Always believe if something is happening, good or bad, it is leading us to higher being. Optimistic ever.
    Om sai ram 🙏

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