No More Trying…!


You always just told me what I am not

Never appreciated what I’ve got

I kept on trying to prove my worth

Precious years of life now seem wasted as dirt

Compromising what was important to me

I tried to be what you wanted me to be

Knowing  otherwise, but still agreeing with you

Just to get some peace in lieu

Fighting with self many a times

To make you happy I tried to mime

Compromised with values close to my heart

Gradually from myself I grew apart 

Losing my self-worth happened with time 

Emotions became super sublime

Angry at the world, angry at my God

I only worked towards getting your nod

No meaning was there till I realized

For whose peace did I sacrifice?

When those whom I thought I am trying to please

Are still thinking that I did nothing supreme!

Woken from a dream with a strong jolt

I have to put those, behind a bolt

Not to let them steal anymore

My smile, my peace, my life – like before  

Need to restart, I know it will take me long 

– Before I can write a new life song

Bit by bit, piece by piece

I will ultimately find my peace 

No matter what it takes, how tough it will be

I will regain my self-esteem eventually

No more trying hard to be the good one

After all, to prove me wrong was your fun!

So even while parting I’ll give, not take 

Let you be a martyr for your happiness’ sake

I choose my peace above proving to be good

For I know I’ve tried as best as I could… 

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