YOU, My Sai…!


Throughout the night, and throughout the day

I can talk to YOU, if I have my say

Where-ever I go, whichever way

YOUR face I want to see, if I may

Each breath that I take, consciously or not so much

Want to think of YOU, if I’m allowed as such

With every heartbeat reverberating within me

I want to soak myself in YOUR divinity

With every word that I know or have ever learnt

I want to talk to YOU, even if this tongue is burnt

No moment of this life is worthwhile 

If YOU haven’t looked at me and smiled

No one can ever be what YOU are

My father, my guru, my Baba – you’re near, even when far…!

Love YOU so much that it makes me cry

With YOUR name I want to be identified

For YOUR association I want to apply

For every inch closer to YOU, I want to try

No one for me to offer the solace

Which YOU provide through YOUR miraculous ways

From dawn to dusk, with each breath that I take

I want to live for YOUR name’s sake

With a wish in me to meet YOU at the end

I’ll happily face all the challenges that this life will send! 

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