Life, or Strife…?

Not one who is not in pain in this life
Not one who is free from some major strife
As I meet people, such pain I see
Is this how You wanted Your world to be? 

Fake smiles, each fighting gross pain
All the advices just go in vain
Tears and sobs and compromise
Before age we need to act wise

It hurts me immense and I want to help
It breaks my heart to hear them yelp
I want to give them the balm they seek
Atleast give strength to those who’re weak

But nothing soothes the pain which kills
Nothing which really helps to fill
The void – which’s so deep and bare
I just sit with You to say a prayer… 

Finding our way in this maze You’ve made
Listening to Your voice which sometimes fades
Steering along the stumbling blocks
We’re trying to reach our destination rock

Just keep us on the path which is right
Don’t let us fall, just hold us tight
None who can soothe, none who can guide
None who can help us cross this trench so wide

Don’t leave our hand while we try to walk
Just be there when we want to talk
Give us the strength to bear this strife
Let us have a happy life…! 

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