The soothing breeze

The glistening sun

The birds so free

The dogs that run

The smiles I see

On passers-by 

Fills me with glee

I take a sigh…

Beauty abound

Much to enjoy

I look around

Did I hear “ahoy”!

Sailing towards

A lovely boat

Claps and cheers

As they afloat

I smile at them

They wave in cheer

The clinking glass

As they said “Cheers”

A little ahead –

on the way

A fleet of birds –

merrily sway

The trees that dance –

in the wind

Their rhythm 

Left me with a grin

I have no words

Which can express

The joy and glee –

I stood impressed

Basking in this warmth

I said a little prayer 

I know my Lord –

That You are everywhere! 

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